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For the past nine years, ICF had one goal – to work with African governments and the private sector to improve the investment climate in Africa. Now, nine years later, we have successfully completed this mandate and will therefore close at the end of December 2016.
When ICF was started in 2007, business faced real challenges when trying to operate in Africa. Despite the increased awareness among international business communities of the investment potential that African countries had to offer, much cynicism remained about whether things will ever really change in Africa. It was therefore fundamental to further enable business, as a means of creating wealth, employment and opportunities, ultimately resulting in better livelihoods and the increased well-being of communities across the continent.
Our journey to deliver over 70 projects over the past nine years of operations has yielded a rich vein of learning experiences for ICF and our partners and we feel strongly that we have a responsibility not just to report on what we’ve delivered but also to reflect on how we have delivered it.
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