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Combating barriers to investment in Africa

Mr. Omari Issa, former CEO of the Investment Climate Facility for Africa, discusses how to combat barriers to investment in Africa at a CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) event in Washington.

Digitalising Zambia's Judiciary

With ICF support, the government of Zambia now has 3 courts in Lusaka with modern real time digital court recording and case management systems. Staff have been trained on the use of the facilities and the next phase of the project will see the reforms extended to the Copperbelt districts of Ndola and Kitwe.

Infrastructure Tanzania

The Government of Tanzania is continuing its efforts to improve the country’s investment climate. With few road blocks on the highways, the time and cost of moving goods will be significantly reduced. Combined with the efforts of the Tanzanian Revenue Authority (TRA) to expedite clearance of goods at the Dar es Salaam port, neighbouring countries may also prefer importing and/or exporting their goods through Tanzania. All these factors will facilitate regional economic integration, promote economic growth and lower costs to businesses and consumers.

Neville Isdell

Neville Isdell, Co-Chair of the ICF Board of Trustees, discussing the realities of doing business in Africa.

Niall FitzGerald

Niall FitzGerald, former Co-Chair of the ICF Board of Trustees, discussing the objectives and impact of ICF.

Rwanda Land Registration

The Government of Rwanda, with ICF support, has created a cost effective, efficient titling system allowing rapid registration of land. The National Land Centre has been digitalised, reducing the number of days to register property from 371 to 55 and the cost 10% of a property’s value to 0.4%.

Rwanda Land Registration

A video on ICF’s land registration project in Rwanda.

Senegal Paperless Project

The Senegal Paperless Project was set up to reduce the time and costs of trade, by streamlining and refining existing systems of paperless electronic customs administration system.

Zambia Modernisation of the Judiciary

A video on ICF’s judicial reform project in Zambia.
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