ICF is the only pan-African organisation based in Africa that is explicitly and exclusively focused on improving the continent’s investment climate. ICF does not seek to compete with other organisations, instead striving to ensure projects complement existing initiatives and fill identified gaps.

The comparative advantages of ICF are:

Multiplier effect

  • ICF shares key learnings from completed and ongoing projects with other governments, corporates and development partners to multiply the pace and effectiveness of interventions across the continent.

Focus on fundamentals

  • ICF’s projects deliver practical solutions to the basic fundamentals that hamper the growth of businesses, especially SMEs. By improving the basics on which these smaller businesses depend, ICF hopes to deliver profound long-term dividends for the economy.

Sustainable reforms

  • All ICF projects are co-funded and implemented in partnership with the host government and the private sector to ensure reforms are sustainable long-term. 

Rapid intervention

  • ICF responds quickly to funding requests. The entire process from project application to agreement generally takes fewer than six months. Projects focus on delivering practical, results-oriented solutions in as short a time frame as possible.

Private sector involvement

  • ICF’s experience shows investment climate reforms are faster and more effective when the private sector is involved. ICF works with Africa’s business community to identify priority areas for intervention and to help secure government support for reform.


  • ICF is committed to delivering tangible, measurable results. All projects are evaluated against pre-agreed targets and performance indicators.
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