Some of the results of ICF work include:

  • ICF worked with the government of Liberia to establish a single point business registration system and as a result it now takes a maximum of 6 days instead of 99 to register a business.
  • ICF worked with the government of Rwanda to improve the business registration process and now it takes 2 days instead of 16 to register a business, there are only 2 procedures to go through instead of 9, and the registration cost is now US$25 instead of US$433.
  • ICF worked with the government of Rwanda to establish an online tax payment system. As a result domestic taxes (VAT, income tax and PAYE) can be filed instantaneously instead of the previous 23.5 days. Secure online filing of tax returns in Rwanda can now be done from anywhere and payment can be done in person, online or using mobile money transfer.
  • ICF worked with the government of Cape Verde to establish one-stop-shops for providing business life cycle services. As a result it now takes 1 hour to register a business in Cape Verde, 2 days instead of 15 to process a wholesale licence, 10 days instead of 30 for a construction licence, and 2 to 10 days to formally close a business.
  • ICF worked with the government of Senegal to modernize its customs procedures so that it now takes 15 minutes instead of 2 days to register for customs declaration and 1 day instead of 18 to clear customs.
  • ICF worked with the government of Senegal to create a paperless trade process and as a result customs pre-clearance now takes 7 hours instead of 2 days.
  • ICF worked with the governments of Rwanda, Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone to automate land registration thereby contributing to security for investors by helping prevent boundary disputes and facilitating access to credit.
  • In the Burkina Faso land registration project an electronic database was created and procedures streamlined leading to a reduction in the time it takes to transfer property from 182 days to 21 days.
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