ICF Project Application

At ICF we know that great ideas and change come from anywhere and anyone.

We welcome applications from donors, governments and policymakers who share our vision to take practical steps to remove the barriers to doing business in Africa.

How do you apply for funding?

You can apply for funding from ICF by downloading a project application form from this website page or by telephoning +255 22 212 9211. You can also email projects@icfafrica.org to request an application form.

To merit ICF funding, a project application must:

  • Produce a significant positive impact on the investment climate within a reasonable period
  • Involve the government and the local private sector
  • Outline clearly defined, observable and measurable indicators to measure impact
  • Reflect a broad range of interests (i.e. not a single business or narrow group of stakeholders)
  • Complement existing programmes and fill a gap
  • Be part-funded by the respective government or organisation to ensure commitment to the improvement process
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